SimpsonsHB 1.0 WordPress Theme

Aktuelle Version: SimpsonsHB 2.1

Nach wochenlanger Arbeit ist das Simpsons-Theme nun fertig! Ihr könnt es ab sofort hier herunterladen. Solltet ihr noch Fehler finden oder Vorschläge zur Verbesserung haben, so zögert nicht diese hier zu posten.


  • Komplett gettexted
  • Deutsche Sprachdatei
  • Feat. Homer & Bart Simpson



  1. Datei entpacken.
  2. Ordner “simpsonshb” nach wp-content/themes/ hochladen.
  3. WordPress Adminpanel öffnen.
  4. Unter dem Menüpunkt Themes den SimpsonsHB Thumbnail klicken, um das Theme zu aktivieren. Fertig!

Nach wie vor gilt: Postet euren Bloglink, ich freue mich wenn ich eure Blogs besuchen kann. :)


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63 Antworten

  1. Inés sagt:

    I love you for this :-) Endlich gibt es das. Ich liebe die Simpsons :love:

  2. Angelina sagt:

    Ja ich auch :) Simpsons 4ever! :peace:

  3. Susanne sagt:

    das nächste schon in arbeit :ask:

  4. Angelina sagt:

    Noch nicht, hab noch keine neue Idee ;)

  5. Susanne sagt:

    ein tierblog? hunde oder katzen ;-)

  6. Angelina sagt:

    Hey das ist ne gute Idee! :) Also dann, jetzt weiß ich ja was ich am Wochenende mach :)

  7. Susanne sagt:

    hey das wochenende ist vorbei, wo ist das neue theme :rofl:

  8. Angelina sagt:

    *bg* In Arbeit, so’n Theme dauert doch ein bisschen länger in der Entstehung ;)

  9. David Nolan sagt:

    Thanks for the Simpsons Theme. I have obviously altered it a bit but you can see its origins. Thank You Angelina

    Carlow Association London – but obviously it is not quite finished yet. I’m awaiting content for the pages.

  10. Angelina sagt:

    My pleasure! :) I’m glad when people like my themes. Your site looks good :peace: . Good speed!

  11. David Nolan sagt:

    Thanks, it looks good probably because of the template :laugh:

    But I had an issue with the comments. I have had to remove this

    (and also the DIV tag) to resolve the problem.

    $redirect_url = get_option('siteurl').'/wp-login.php?

    appeared on the page. However, if I removed the line it caused an error on page one. Thought you might want to know.

    I removed it anyway because it is not really a blog but rather a website. :broken:

    Thanks once again :god1:

  12. David Nolan sagt:

    It was the call to Comments from a Single Post. I don’t know why it didn’t show up above.

  13. Angelina sagt:

    Hm, will check that on my test blog later. Thanks for the bug report! :)

  14. David Nolan sagt:

    Thanks for that.

    Two further questions for you:
    1. I use the Order Pages Plugin on this site and it works fine. But on the Simpsons Theme it seems to be listed in alphabetical order and not by ID. Do you know if it is possible to change it? I don’t seem to be able to find it. :tel:

    2. When I was looking through the Header.php I noticed a DIV called Menu. If I put the Call to pages in there will it appear like the top of this blog? :peace:

    Once again, things for the design. It was really useful. I was given all of 4 hours to get a site up and running for an Irish community group in London and I couldn’t have done it without your theme. :party:

  15. Angelina sagt:

    1. Use that:

    < ?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=ID&title_li='); ?>

    in rightbar.php instead of that:

    < ?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>

    2. The simpsons theme is based on the same basic structure like my theme. That means I made a basic layout which I use for creating my themes. In that basic layout, there is a menu below the header, and the div tag derives from that menu. You can put the call to pages in there, but there is no border around it then like in the sidebars. The div tag is still there because it controls the padding and margin between header and content.

  16. David Nolan sagt:

    I have resolved the wp-pages list (it was obvious). Unfortunately, the template doesn’t appear very well in IE7. The top side bar boxes are fine but the ones below appear to add an extra line between the side-header and side-back tag. :(

    Do you have any ideas?

  17. David Nolan sagt:

    Sorry Angelina, had I posted the above a bit earlier I could have saved you some time. That’s two minutes of your life that you’ll never get back :cool:

  18. Angelina sagt:

    That’s no problem David, two minutes are not so much. :)

    Unfortunately I don’t have IE7 and can’t test that. I already had that problem you are describing in IE6 when developing the theme, but I thought I resolved it. Do you perhaps have a screenshot of the theme in IE7? And did that error occur from the beginning on, or did you change something before?

  19. David Nolan sagt:

    Have sent a contact form…

  20. David Nolan sagt:

    Actually I haven’t: The screengrab is here. I have made a couple of changes in the CSS to change the Header image but that is about it.

    I just uploaded the original css and it is the same. i’m very confused because the first boxes are right. there doesn’t appear to be a problem with either of the sidebars. Does the site look okay in IE6? or are you only on firefox?

    I don’t know if it happened at the beginning because i did check it but have just uploaded the original again and here is the screengrab of that used on another blog. Might be an IE7 issue.

  21. Angelina sagt:

    Yeah, that*s exactly the bug I already had during development. It only occurs in IE7 – I just tested your site in IE6 and it looks fine.

    Today sadly I don’t have time for it ’cause it’s mother’s day and I’ll now visit my mom, but I’ve got an idea and will try that later :)

  22. David Nolan sagt:

    Thanks Angelina,

    You are great. Thanks for letting me know that it’s working fine in IE6. The positive fact is most people that will be using the site will probably be using IE6. My analytics stats have shown that just 12% are using IE7.

    I didn’t send a contact form, instead I decided to post it as a comment. I was going to send a contact form with my email address so you could send me yours and I could email………. Instead, I provided some links so that future users who have the problem can see our discussion.

    Thank you for your assistance. :god1:

  23. Angelina sagt:

    I will continue trying to find out what’s the reason for the bug in IE7. :) And I’ll tell you if I find it. I think there must be a solution, somehow. :)

  24. I only use IE7…and it’s got a growing audience. I’d like to know when the template is ready for IE7.

  25. Oh…I also don’t see any info on whether this is widgets-ready so would I need to amend the template for that?

  26. Angelina sagt:

    I think it should be widget-ready, but I’m not quite sure. Just try it out! :peace: I’ll post here as soon as I found out how to fix the bug in IE7! :)

  27. David Nolan sagt:

    The reason why it doesn’t work (according to CNET):

    The good: IE 7 includes built-in tabbed browsing; antiphishing technology; an RSS reader; and a redesigned Favorites Center.

    The bad: IE 7 is limited to Windows XP SP2 users only; installation requires reboot; reuses old IE 6 code and doesn’t yet comply with current Web standards; doesn’t match all the features found in Firefox or Opera; carries a Microsoft legacy of not patching its IE flaws quickly enough.

    The bottom line: IE 7 was Microsoft’s one chance to leapfrog ahead of the competition, but the company has only barely caught sight of the current front-runners. For more features and greater security, switch to Mozilla Firefox.

  28. Angelina sagt:

    Bad news. :( But matches with the results of my tries: I didn’t find any workaround to make it work in IE7. Microsoft sucks…

  29. David Nolan sagt:

    That’s really disappointing. :cry:

    Microsoft does, indeed, suck! I’ve had an idea but wouldn’t be able to implement it myself. It would also a rewrite of the side bar right-column (sidebar) and the css.

    The Connections theme uses the H2 tag to display the top of the sidebar boxes that leads directly onto the UL and creates the bottom with the “/UL” tag creating the box that appears. However, this does then cause problems when another list is generated within it.

    Alternatively, would it be possible to create a new DIV tag with a solid black border and yellow background? I think that is the way this [your] blog does it (???) :arrr:

  30. Angelina sagt:


    Yes, that`s the way my blog does it. The reason why I didn’t make it this way in my simpsons theme was ’cause it doesn’t look the same as the sloped boxes inside the header.

    But I thought about changing it to simple borders as well during the last two days… I think I will do that tomorrow and release Version 2.0 of that Theme. Will be a bit CSS coding and stuff, but I think that’s better than how it is now. And Cheryl is right, it’s a growing audience and we don’t know how many users will use IE7 in a few months or so.

    And then I will also check if it’s widget-ready and if not I can change that. :)

  31. David Nolan sagt:

    Thanks for putting the effort in. :tel:

  32. Angelina sagt:

    I think it should work now. But I don’t have IE7, so please go to my Testblog and check if it looks right now. (I just changed the index page, archives etc. are not yet ready). :)

  33. David Nolan sagt:

    It looks fine in IE7. Thanks for your hard work. :applaus:

  34. Angelina sagt:

    That’s great :) Unfortunately the boxes don’t look the same like the header boxes anymore, but I hope that’s not too bad.

    The new, updated theme is available for Download now :) and I also checked if it’s widget-ready. Should work now! :)

  35. David Nolan sagt:

    Thanks Angelina.

    The boxes aren’t a problem for me because I have a different Header so that isn’t an issue.

    I will have it up and running tonight. Thanks :applaus:

  36. David Nolan sagt:

    Hi Angelina,

    All seems to be working fine on IE7 apart from one thing. The top right box seems to be lower than the one on the left. I can’t figure out why. Also, is there actually a class called “sidebar rightcolumn”? Sorry if this is a silly question.

    David :cool:

  37. Angelina sagt:


    Mysterious. There is no reason why the right box could be lower than the left one. :(

    The class “sidebar rightcolumn” is the class for rightbar. There is no class “sidebar rightcolumn” because class=”sidebar rightcolumn” combines the classes “sidebar” and “rightcolumn”. That’s the way CSS classes work: two class names divided by a space have the attributes of both classes.

    Btw, this is not a silly question at all – I also didn’t know that till I saw it in a tutorial and found it to be very useful. :)

  38. David Nolan sagt:

    Thanks for the quick response and thanks for all your help. :hug:

    The design of the site is now done as far as I am concerned. I might throw something in there at the top to make it look like we did it in purpose. It worked fine on your testblog in IE7. Not sure why it is like that. :hmm:

    All I need now is some content. It’s amazing that they were in such a rush to get it done and they still haven’t provided me with anything to put on there!

    I made a few modifications to the way blockquotes are displayed. I have also changed the quicktags.js file to use English buttons. I think I’m going to change the way pictures are displayed to make them like this site.

  39. Ich lade gerade einige deiner Themes in den Themebrowser hoch. Ich würde dich bitten, deine Themes in Zukunft normkonform zu packen ;)
    Sprich die Themedateien müssen alle in einem Ordner stecken.
    Denn wenn jemand die Dateien einfach nur entpackt und bei sich hochlädt, kann er die Themes nicht benutzen.
    Und deshalb muss ich erst an jedem deiner Themes Hand anlegen, damit ich sie im ThemeBrowser anbieten kann.

  40. Angelina sagt:

    Hm, die sind nicht in nem Ordner? Ich hatte die extra so verpackt weil mein Entpacker sie sonst so entpackt dass sie doppelt “verordnert” sind, also Ordner im Ordner. Kommt wohl auf das Packproggi an. Aber ok, demnächst mach ichs so :)

  41. Sie sind in keinem Ordner. Und ja, es gibt sicher Ordner die automatisch einen Ordner beim extrahieren erstellen…aber davon sollte man nicht ausgehen ;)

  42. Angel sagt:

    Liebe Angi :wink:

    Die Simpsons sind echt toll…
    und Dein neues Theme finde ich spitze…
    Wie wäre es bei Deinem Talent…
    wenn Du mal etwas für :god2: Gruftis entwerfen würdest…
    Ich denke…
    das wäre sicher auch spitzenmäßig im Design :applaus:

    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt…

  43. Angelina sagt:

    Danke für dein Lob! Mal schaun, ich nehm die Anregung zur Kenntnis und werde mal gucken was mir dazu einfällt :)

  44. Angel sagt:

    :god1: OOOH DANKE :applaus: :peace:

  45. wolle sagt:

    wollte unbedingt das theme. allerdings erscheinen bei mir keine kästchen mit umrandung im menü. weder links noch rechts.. was mach ich falsch?

  46. Angelina sagt:

    Benutzt du Widgets? Falls ja ist vermutlich dies der Grund, da das Theme noch nicht widget-ready ist. Dann muss ich dich bitten auf die nächste Version des Themes zu warten!

  47. mrmillimetre sagt:

    Thanks for the effort I’ve installed the theme and made a few modifications to suit my site have a look and give me your thoughts

    ps happy new year

  48. Maico sagt:

    Hi. I am from Brazil and I understand English very badly.
    I am using a Portuguese English translator.
    I use in my site the theme SimpsonsHB, however he presents a bug with IE7 in the assembly of the boxes in the lateral ones.
    Some clue or suggestion to solve this problem?
    Thank you for any help that can give.
    Happy year 2008.

  49. Maico sagt:

    Angelina, excuse for inconveniencing.
    I Read all now of the post and I saw that the problem was solved.
    I downloaded the theme in the site of WordPress and there it is version 1.0.
    I will download the new version in his site and I will test.
    Sorry :wink:

  50. David sagt:

    How can I add the sub-categories in side bar ?

  51. Theuntje sagt:

    Hey Angelina..

    I was very excited with your layout.. but how do i add widgets to the sidebars without losing the nice white boxes?

  52. Angelina sagt:

    Hey :) I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work yet. The theme is not widget-ready. I will change that in the next version.

  53. Theuntje sagt:

    And when will the next version be released?

  54. Angelina sagt:

    As soon as I have time to do it. I think perhaps this weekend or the next one.

  55. Theuntje sagt:

    That would be very lovely

  56. Arnaud sagt:

    Hi, I love your Simpsons theme as well, and use it on the site I created for my son ( I had been looking for a baby theme, couldn’t find one, but love yours. Although Tom is still to small to understand it, he watches SImpsons together with me. I’m a big fan.
    I also ran into the problem of loosing the borders and the background color when starting to use widgets. It would be great when you can fix that. Would really appreciate it. That way I can start using some widget ready plugins, like the dmsguestbook, nextgengallery., to built out my site further.
    Thanks for this thema and all the work you’ve put in it.

    I only discovered your baby-o-meter now. Would have been nice to have had that during the pregnancy. Maybe another time…….

  57. Angelina sagt:

    I now finished the new Version. Please download V2.1 here. Then the theme should work wirh widgets finally. :)

  58. Arnaud sagt:

    Super !! I immediatly downloaded and installed it. It’s working great. THANKS !!

  59. Angelina sagt:

    That’s great :) Have fun using the theme! If you find bugs or any other problems, feel free to ask me. :peace:

  60. thank you very much for this amazing theme :hug: :hug: :hug: :applaus: :applaus:

  61. Very cool theme, The black outlineing really makes ads stick out, Could use it for my simpsons site.


  1. 4. Dezember 2007

    SimpsonsHB 1.0 WordPress Theme…

    After having worked on it for weeks, I proudly present the Simpsons WordPress theme today!…

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