Blog-Karneval: Lieblings-WordPress-Plugins

Plugin carnival

Michael from initiated a blog carnival about favourite WordPress plugins. For the case that you now ask yourself what a blog carnival is – I just also wondered that. The explanation can be found here.

Anyway, I think this campaign is quite funny, and so I participate as well. I use relatively plenty of plugins (in my opinion), ’cause I dig gimmicks like polls or the Askme plugin.

At present I dabble in writing an own plugin, a pinboard script – indeed I am getting nowhere with it currently. But as the phrase goes, practice makes perfect! Time will tell. Tomorrow is another day. Okay okay, I’m already quitting! :bla: :D

Back to topic. My favourite plugins in random order:

  • Custom Smileys: A plugin which allows you to administrate your smileys in the admin menu and inserts clickable smileys below the comment form. :god1:
  • Askme WP 2.1: Creates an Askme page on which your visitors can leave questions using a form. Then you answer the question in the admin menu, and question plus answer show up on the page.
  • Language Switcher: With this plugin you can make your whole blog bi- or multilingual. An absolutely ingenious plugin which I would almost declare as my number 1. There is a very detailed an good explanation about it on the plugin page.
  • Gravatars 2: With this you can make the commentator’s Gravatar show up next to each comment, provided he has one.
  • Zap_NewWindow: Opens extern links in a new tab/window automatically without using target=_blank. Very useful especially if you don’t want to dispense with that function, but do use valid XHTML Strict.

There are a few more plugins I use, but these I like most of all. :applaus:

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30 Responses

  1. uA says:

    Gravatars 2! :wink:
    Aber Schock oh Schock, kein Plugin aus dem Bereich Antispam? Hui? Was ist dein Geheimnis? :laugh:

  2. Angelina says:

    Dach, natürlich hab ich ein Antispam Plugin. Akismet. Gehört nur nicht zu meinen Lieblingsplugins :) ist zwar ganz nützlich, aber unter Lieblingsplugins versteh ich halt die die ich am liebsten mag. ;)

  3. virus says:

    Man sollte halt nur Vorsichtig sein was man alles einbaut.

    Ich neige selbst dazu das ich mich stundenlang mit solchen Spielereien beschäftigen kann und dann das wesentliche vergesse ( nur mit dem Unterschied das ich mir meine ” Plugins ” selber schreibe und dadurch oft viel Zeit für unnütze Sachen vergeude oO.)

    Aber ein paar Features und Spielereien dürfen schon sein , nur nicht übers Ziel hinausschießen , weniger ist da oft mehr.

  4. uA says:

    Ich hingegen hab viele die ich mag, die aber nicht nützlich sind und im Umkehrschluss mag ich auch die besonders, die besonders nützlich sind
    Logisch, was? :rofl:

  5. Angelina says:

    Du schreibst Plugins, virus? *gierig guck* Hey vielleicht kannst du mir ja bei meinem Pinwand Plugin helfen :)

  6. Liliana says:

    Nummer 2 und 3 klingen interessant – vielleicht probier ich sowas später auch mal aus.

  7. Susanne says:

    ich finde smilies auch wahnsinnig wichtig :love: :kiss: :lala:

  8. Angelina says:

    Es gibt fast nichts wichtigeres als Smilies! :peace: :D

  9. Maybe you’ll find useful also our myavatars plugin, to show also mybloglog avatars :)

    (I use a different language plugin, by the way, it’s useful also on translating comments..)

  10. Angelina says:

    Bilingual comments are possible here, too. But most of my visitors don’t know that, so they only write in their own language. But I don’t think that is sooo bad. :)

    Thanks for the Link, but I think at the moment gravatar is enough. I don’t have so many bloglog readers yet ;)

  11. Yes, I actually edit each comment myself to translate them, because I want readers from different languages (italian and english) to understand eachother’s comments (and there almost weren’t comments from english people by the way…)

    If you want to have a double feedburner counter like mine, just ask me ;) (and add “&label=yourtext” to the counters’url to add your own label…)

    Bye ;)

  12. Angelina says:

    That would be really cool! :) I’d really like to have that double counter. With label you mean the text on the button? (In my case reader.) I will try that :)

    Wow, you translate all comments? Cool. I think I don’t have enough time for that. :hmm:

  13. You probably have a bigger amount of comments! :D

    Here’s the HTML code:

    <div id="readers">
    <a href=""><span class="r_de"></span></a>
    <a href=""><span class="r_en"></span></a>

    And The CSS code (everything is done here):

    #readers span{
    #readers .r_de{
    background: url('
    #readers .r_en{
    background: url('

    I hope to have written it right, test it before.

  14. Angelina says:

    Works really fine, thank you so much! :) I hope you don’t mind, but I splitted the links in the code so that it’s not too long for the column anymore. :star:

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