Bloggerwichteln bei Spielkind

I take part in Secret Santa on Spielkind’s Blog. Secret Santa is cool, and bloggers who make presents to each other, that really sounds funny. smilie

If you also want to participate, you can still do that till November 30th 2007. So you still have three days to decide!

Secre Santa

Stöckchen: 3 mal 3 = Weihnachten

I stole this baton on Monsieur Fischer’s blog. It’s about christmas again and there are three times three answers to give. Let the show begin! smilie

3 (material) wishes for Christmas
Skiing holiday in Austria
Wii game Mario Galaxy
A horse smilie

3 people I’d like to celebrate Christmas with
No matter which people? Okay… then I want the Queen, Bill Gates Mahatma Ghandi. smilie

3 people I will give a Christmas present
My darling, my mom and my dad smilie smilie

3 people who should answer the baton
Okay, this time I can’t duck out of it. smilie Well then: Uwe, SuMu and Prinzzess. smilie

rel=nofollow in Trigami Beiträgen

Recently there were lots of speculations about the correlation between sinking Google Pageranks and Trigami reviews. Even Trigami itself spoke out on this on the blog. As you can see from all the comments, there are a couple of affected users.

Trigami advises to mark links in Trigami reviews with the rel=”nofollow” attribute. Even though some Trigami bloggers already had bad experiences with this, I now decided to follow this advice and to mark all links in Trigami reviews with nofollow. Let’s see if that changes something.habe ich mich nun ebenfalls dazu entschieden und alle Links in Trigami-Rezensionen mit nofollow versehen. ;)


If you aren’t a chatter you will surely ask yourself now: Narf? Is she totally gone crazy now? What is she talking about? The answer is quite easy, Narf means to be on edge. And I am on edge since about two weeks because of the Hermes parcel service. They were supposed to deliver a PC desk from Otto to me. Shouldn’t be such a big challenge per se.

But obviously it is not that easy. First they have to send it out in two parcels. Fascinatingly both parcels have exactly the same weight. Who knows what this is good for. However, parcel 1/1 broke. When one parcel is broken the whole desk mustn’t be delivered any longer – returned. But not informed me.

Language Switcher WordPress Plugin

This is a german translation of the article Language Switcher WordPress Plugin from Poplarware. The english version of the article can be found there.

Wii Sports gewinnen im Gutschein-Blog

On Gutschein Blog you can find a few useful coupons. I always google for coupons when I order something at Zooplus or Otto – now I don’t need to do that anymore, as I can always find the newest Otto coupons on Gutschein Blog. There also also coupons for other online shops.

And that’s not enough, no: At the moment there is a christmas contest where you can win a Wii Sports Bundle! That’s great. That’s a phat prize! I know I already have one, but I’d like to win it for my best friend. She’d absolutely like to have one, but can’t afford it. Me neither, to be honest.

Pagerank 0?

Okay, that’s definitely enough. I didn’t care when my pagerank dropped from 4 to 2. But 0? What have I done? I checked it with a few PR checkers and all of them resulted in 0, only the Pagerank ad inside my sidebar by displays 3.

What’s going on with Google Pagerank? Not that I find it so superimportant, but 0? That really hurts. smilie

Betatester-Aktion endlich gelüftet


Some time ago I applied for a mysterious job on Trigami: Beta testers wanted for a web 2.0 platform. The whole thing was organized quite secretly and the only thing you could read there was that it would be a really new platform, with “technical aaplications which are useful and interesting especially for bloggers”. (Quote of the job description)


Now the secret is finally disclosed: The new platform is a vating community named Netvoting. Broadly speaking here you can creare polls and take part in polls and valuations. Via click you can pass your opinion.

There are widgets for several blog systems, and you can integrate the polls in those blog systems via 1-click publishing by entering the access data – for example for mySpace – and then just clicking on a button to post the poll.

Furthermore there is a big statistics area. Here you can have a look at the polls’ results in diagrams. The statistics area is really quite extensive and all those who go for statistics like me can spend a lot of time there.

As the page regards itself as Social Networking Platform, there is of course even a community. You can create groups and swap ideas with other members. A bit curious, this idea – to create a group and then create and answer polls together. But I’m sure there will be also people who find that interesting. I don’t, because there are already too much communities where I take part and I’m fully engaged with that.

My result: After all that fuss beforehand I’m a bit – well, not disappointed, let’s say brought down to the earth. The tactic of nondisclosure worked so fine that – like many other bloggers – I thought of something innovative new without knewing what this exactly should be. Netvoting is indeed new – I didn’t know about any voting community yet – but it’s nothing I couldn’t forgo. Anyway I will be present further on and have a look on the new platform and what it evolves to. smilie

Weihnachts-Gewinnspiel für kreative

Yo, if you can read german, please read this article in german. To take part in the contest you must be able to write a Christmas story in german. That’s why I don’t translate this article. ;)

Stöckchen: Weihnachts-Baum… äh, Stock

I stole this Christmas thing on Uwe‘s page, sassy as I am. A little bit too early for christmas, but hey, in all stores they sell christmas stuff since September. smilie

1. What will you do at Christmas? Will you celebrate with your family or will you go out?
On Christmas Eve me and my husband will be on a visit at my grandma for dinner and on Christmas Day I’ll fly to Austria where my parents have a holiday flat for spending six days with them and of course go skiing. smilie

2. Did you already think about presents or even bought some?
I’m planning my presents since late summer *bg* you can’t start with that early enough. I also bought a few presents and one is even packed.

3. Are there plans for the Christmas dinner?
No idea, I’m not the one who will cook it…

4. Do you have a Christmas tree? When do you prepare it and when will you throw it away? How does a Christmas tree have to look like for you?
No, I don’t have a Christmas tree. Why should I, it’s just November. But I also don’t know if we will have one. I don’t think so, because we won’t be home at Christmas.

5. Will you go to church?
Oh, yeah, aaabsolutely. *Gushing with sarcasm* Kidding aside, I have never gone to church at Christmas before, except for the Christmas singing in my primary school, and that was an odd oecumenic something and it was not Christmas Day. Churches are definitely overrated…

6. Do you think there will be snow at Christmas?
I don’t just think it, I know it, because I will be high in the mountains on Christmas Day. And I really don’t care if there will be snow at home then. *gg*

I don’t throw, as I am too lazy too look who already had it… *giggle* so take it if you want so.