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Monthly Archive: November 2007


Bloggerwichteln bei Spielkind

I take part in Secret Santa on Spielkind’s Blog. Secret Santa is cool, and bloggers who make presents to each other, that really sounds funny. If you also want to participate, you can still...


Stöckchen: 3 mal 3 = Weihnachten

I stole this baton on Monsieur Fischer’s blog. It’s about christmas again and there are three times three answers to give. Let the show begin! 3 (material) wishes for Christmas Skiing holiday in Austria...


rel=nofollow in Trigami Beiträgen

Recently there were lots of speculations about the correlation between sinking Google Pageranks and Trigami reviews. Even Trigami itself spoke out on this on the blog. As you can see from all the comments,...



If you aren’t a chatter you will surely ask yourself now: Narf? Is she totally gone crazy now? What is she talking about? The answer is quite easy, Narf means to be on edge....


Pagerank 0?

Okay, that’s definitely enough. I didn’t care when my pagerank dropped from 4 to 2. But 0? What have I done? I checked it with a few PR checkers and all of them resulted...


Betatester-Aktion endlich gelüftet

[Trigami-Review] Some time ago I applied for a mysterious job on Trigami: Beta testers wanted for a web 2.0 platform. The whole thing was organized quite secretly and the only thing you could read...


Weihnachts-Gewinnspiel für kreative

Yo, if you can read german, please read this article in german. To take part in the contest you must be able to write a Christmas story in german. That’s why I don’t translate...


Stöckchen: Weihnachts-Baum… äh, Stock

I stole this Christmas thing on Uwe‘s page, sassy as I am. A little bit too early for christmas, but hey, in all stores they sell christmas stuff since September. 1. What will you...


Fotosession mit Bully

Finally I got it! I switched off the flashlight last evening and then tried to take some photos – and voilà: Bully is a really talented model! Admittedly his cheek pouches werent’t fully loaded...